The Affordable Care Act (ACA)

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the law that the United States government will implement to provide health insurance coverage to all Americans. The ACA is expected to have a major impact on how we live our lives and work.

A)- It will help to reduce healthcare costs and provide comprehensive coverage in many areas.

B)- It is also expected to create a new industry that will generate millions of jobs and billions of dollars for the U.S. economy.

C)- Another potential impact on the way we plan our lives is that it could cause some changes in how we work, save money, or even lose our jobs.

D)- The Affordable Care Act may also result in changes in how the people of this country can receive healthcare and push for further changes that could even lead to a national health insurance bill.

E)- The Affordable Care Act will be a huge change for many Americans and their lives as it will provide universal coverage nationwide.

F)- It will also change how we save and spend money. It will likely aid in the eventual development of a national health insurance bill to be passed by both houses of Congress, but it has no real chance of passing until 2016.

G)- The Affordable Care Act will provide many new services for Americans, including:

    I) Lowering healthcare costs such as co-pays, deductibles, and out of pocket costs
    II) Smaller healthcare bills for consumers and families,
    III) Lowering the number of uninsured Americans,
    IV) Making it easier to get insurance through the Affordable Care Act.
    V. Other Benefits of Obamacare

H)- It will lower the cost of healthcare beginning in 2014

I)- It’s a tax reduction

K)- The Affordable Care Act


Medicare is a health insurance program created in 1965 by the Social Security Act to provide medical and other health care benefits to persons eligible for them. Since then, Medicare has expanded its coverage into more areas of health care, such as home and community-based nursing care and pharmaceuticals.